Manufacturing custom shock absorbers

Hand made to your specification

If you're restoring, repairing, upgrading or even building your car from scratch, we can help you find the ideal performance shock absorber, or coilover damper, to ensure incredibly precise roadholding. Spax have been building shock absorbers in England since the 1950's, we're reknown for quality. Our craftsmen hand build every damper, everything is individually checked, and tested on our Dyno, before it leaves the factory in Bicester. Choose a set for your car, they are all adjustable so you can tune handling to your driving style and our shocks can be designed to your specifications, and made with pride, to satisfy the most demanding applications.

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CSX Custom Coil-over Dampers

Fully adjustable for ride height and damping performance

Bespoke, steel bodied, gas pressurised modern dampers. Our CSX range has been designed to provide consistent performance, with 28 stage on car adjustment of Bump and Rebound and allow ride height to be set accurately to ensure the best possible look, handling and performance.

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KSX Custom Dampers

Hand built, adjustable, gas pressurised dampers to upgrade handling and roadholding

Significantly improve your car by fitting upgraded, adjustable, KSX dampers. Our hand built shocks are available in open lengths from 11" - 24" (280mm - 610mm). They are Krypton gas pressurised for superior low speed ride and enhanced high speed performance. Every KSX damper has 28 stages of on car adjustment to allow you to perfectly tune handling to your driving style and ensure fast, precise control of Bump and Rebound.

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High Performance Racing Dampers

Extend Your Limits - Professional Double Adjustable Track Racing Dampers

Our CSX and KSX Dampers are regularly, and successfully, used for competiton however, if you're getting serious about performance then our TrakSpax Steel or Aluminium Racing Coilovers are manufactured to your dimensions and valved to your corner weights. TrakSpax are manufactured by craftsmen, meticulously inspected and Dyno tested to ensure, matched, consistent performance.

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Can't find the part you need, have it made to order!

If the spares for your car are impossible to find then order, bespoke, from us

We have customers from every industry niche, with requests for bespoke dampers and coil-over shocks to fit all kinds of machinery. Spax CSX / KSX and TrakSpax shocks are built to order, to customer specification, providing upgraded, adjustable damping to ensure the best possible suspension set-up and tuning to driving style and prevailing conditions. No matter what the application, we can build the ideal solution to ensure your project handles safely, performs fantastically and feels great on the road or track.